Nursery & Reception

Nursery & Reception

Our Nursery and Reception environments are the best place to foster a lifelong love of learning. Every child’s first exploratory steps soon lead to bold strides in terms of their progress and achievement.

Our wealth of experience and passion for quality led learning is evident and ensures that the needs of every child are met. Early Excellence has recognised our approach as being at the forefront of best practice and one that builds the confidence and ‘can do’ attitudes of our pupils. Furthermore, our approach nurtures the childrens’ self-esteem.

A safe and stimulating nursery environment

We pride ourselves on a superbly resourced environment that underpins our childrens’ early learning and promotes decision making and independence.

As outdoor Learning is fundamental in our nursery curriculum, we have designed and resourced our outdoor spaces to allow for a high level of engagement. These spaces also encourage deep thinking and enable exploration.

We provide further diversity in learning with specialist teachers in French, PE and music. These subjects accompany our core subjects, like literacy and mathematics.

Our nursery curriculum has been created with the individual needs and interests of our children in mind. There is no better place for a child to begin their educational adventure than our Nursery and Reception.

You can experience our learning environment first-hand. Arrange your visit today.

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